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Smart Agriculture Techniques

Smart farming is a management concept focused on providing the agricultural industry with the infrastructure to leverage advanced technology.Smart farming is growing in importance due to the combination of the expanding global population, the increasing demand for higher crop yield, the need to use natural resources efficiently, the rising use and sophistication of information and communication technology and the increasing need for climate-smart agriculture.

Farm to Harvest

Providing Advanced farming Procedures, Weather Updates and Inscets Spray

Upcomming weather Updates and Suggestiosn

The user will be aware of upcoming weather condition and given appropriate suggestions based upon the weather.

Appropriate sprays for the crops to be safe from insects.

The user will be suggested appropriate sprays for the crops to be safe from insects using AI Based Auto Response System.

Farming procedure.

Advance farming procedures and Techniques to increase wheat and rice productivity. The country will gain benefit from this application economically.

AI Based Auto Response System in Roman Urdu.

Our main purpose is to develop such system that also work for illiterate farmers as we are developing AI Based auto based system in Roman Urdu

Emergency Response System

Question and Answers system from experts where farmers can ask questions of thier problems.

Advance Searching Engine for Framing Procedures

Providing advance sarching Engine to farmers where he can easily know advanced farming procedures from different experts around the world.

Quick Auto Response

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